Genevieve Richer | How To Clear Your Self-Care Blocks, FAST!
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How To Clear Your Self-Care Blocks, FAST!

How To Clear Your Self-Care Blocks, FAST!

How To Clear Your Self-Care Blocks FAST!


1. I’m way too busy.  I just don’t have the time.
2. I can’t afford to spend money on myself.  I have bills/debt. The kids need…
3. I feel guilty.
4. Practicing self-care is selfish.
5. I’m exhausted.


Any of these statements sound familiar?!


Let’s be clear!  You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.  

So for the love of Jack, take a breath & surrender already!

Practicing self-care is an act of LOVE!

I see you justifying & defending your excuses.  Just stop.  And admit that the stories you’ve been telling yourself are BS.  All lies.

Your way isn’t working.    

You’ve been taught to suppress your desires.  

You’ve been conditioned to prioritize everyone else’s needs before considering your own.  

Your internal programming runs deep, really deep.  

But all is not lost sweet friend!!!  I’m here to teach you how to clear your blocks!

It’s super simple!  If you can identify your limiting beliefs, you can transform them!

Ready?!  Awesome!

Take a second to soften your heart & open your mind.  No judgement.  Just love.

Awareness is key!  So tune into your thoughts, explore your feelings!  

Your excuses are predictable habits!


Now, let’s press the reset button on your mindset.


~  PS:  This is my BEST advice  ~
Positivity is a choice, a practice.  So moving forward, I invite you to…
(1) RECOGNIZE the blocks that keep you stuck.  
(2) ACKNOWLEDGE that these thoughts are limiting beliefs.  They’re lies/excuses/stories.  
(3) REFRAME those negative thoughts immediately.
Practice this strategy not once, not twice, but until you feel a massive shift in perspective!

~ I’m not too busy, I’m simply overscheduled.  I’ll start saying NO & time will expand!

~ There are dozens of self-care practices that are completely FREE!  Spending money is optional!

~ If I take a quick nap, I won’t be so exhausted!

~ Practicing self-care isn’t selfish.  It’s a restorative pillar of health.


Trust me!  I’m a self-love coach!  😉

Genevieve xx

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