Genevieve Richer | Lady Boss
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Lady Boss

Lady Boss

Do labels fucking matter?!


The word “COACH” no longer feels authentic to ME…  and if I’m being completely transparent, it hasn’t felt right for a very long time… if ever?!

It’s vibe feels masculine, very… tailored black suit & sharp edges.  Lol

As I deepen my spiritual practice, I feel WAY more aligned with all things Divine Feminine!

My hunger for wellness, has me unapologetically desiring flow, softness + deep meaningful connections!

For the passed 15 years, I’ve researched, studied & immersed myself in the beautiful and sacred art of creative self-love.

My lifestyle offers me immeasurable joy, ease, freedom & fulfillment.

Prioritizing One’s Self, mind, body, soul & spirit without guilt…
Adopting a wildly abundant mindset…
Leading with love, gratitude & positivity while KNOWING that thr Uni has your back.

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