Genevieve Richer | Manifesting Wealth ~ A poem. My first.
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Manifesting Wealth ~ A poem. My first.

Manifesting Wealth ~ A poem. My first.

Funny story!
I wrote a POEM!

It’s like this, I’ve been feeling SO free, so blessed, protected & connected. I’ve been wildly happy & my VIBE is abundant AF!

In other news…
Last week, while on retreat in breathtaking Vermont, I experienced yet another spiritual awakening!

The Uni just won’t stop/can’t stop showering me with allthethings!!!

So I put coloured pen to paper as I often do & this was the result!

A poem. My first. Enjoy! lol

Manifesting Wealth

Like the majestic oceans gift the sandy shores,
the Universe awards us all.

I invite you to receive my words
with an open heart
& savour the delicious juxtaposition.

The powerful waves that roll & lap,
unearth pearls, sea shells & polished glass.

Just as the resolute knowing we emit,
provokes an energy surge beyond compare.

That powerful rush is epic abundance
Feel it as it flows, swirls, dances & splashes.

Within you, through you & around you.
Believe, Trust & be Rich at long last.

And so it is.

Thoughts?!!! On manifesting wealth? On believing it’s already yours? On feeling abundant?!!!!

Don’t leave me hanging! GO! 😉

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